Why Combinator… Why?

Investment firm Y Combinator got awfully upset over SOPA and PIPA, promising a cold-blooded revenge on Hollywood once the bills were shelved.

However hard it is to believe that people would want to be part of an investment consortium that adopted the mantra, “Kill Hollywood”, I would find it even harder to be part of a group that thought killing Hollywood was a worthwhile objective. I’m no apologist – quite the opposite. But investing in technology/media startups to “Kill Hollywood” is like cutting the brakes on the car of someone who is too terminally ill to drive.

And anyway – Bram Cohen (in a quite spectacular return-to-form) is going to euthanise Hollywood for good. Because he didn’t quite get the job done last time.

Relax Y Combinator. Go back to investing in clever startups that make money. Bram’s got this.


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